Proof-Reading + Editing: An ESL Warm-Up Activity

Editing ESL warm-up activity

Skills: Writing

Materials Required: Worksheet/whiteboard/PowerPoint, workbook

To keep proper grammar usage fresh in your students’ minds, they should practice frequently. This doesn’t need to be a full grammar lesson; a quick warm-up can do the trick. You can give your students a variety of errors to correct: word choice, word order, punctuation, capitalization, etc. Students should write the sentences or passage correctly-it makes an excellent ESL warm-up activity for kids as well as adults.

Teaching Tips:

Begin by asking students a few review questions about whatever rules they are practicing. (“When do you use capital letters?” or “What is a run-on sentence? How can you fix it?”)


1. In advance, prepare a worksheet or PowerPoint, or write several sentences on the whiteboard. You could even take a previous workbook activity and reproduce it.

2. The sentences or passage should practice previously studied points of grammar by having errors of that sort: word choice, word order, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

3. Have students correct the errors. If they are working from a PowerPoint or the white board, have them write the sentences or passage correctly in their notebooks.

Like this ESL writing activity? It’s from this book: 39 ESL Warm-Ups: For Teenagers and Adults

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