Draw an Idiom: An ESL Warm-Up Activity

Draw an Idiom

Draw an Idiom: An ESL Warm-Up Activity

Skills: Listening/reading/speaking
Age: 10+
Materials Required: None, or white board

Draw an Idiom is a fun ESL warm-up activity for children as well as adults. It’s an excellent way to make idioms more memorable and help your students remember them.

Give students an idiom and have them draw a picture of the idiom. Then, have them share their drawings and elicit possible meanings. Finish by giving them the actual meaning and several example sentences to write in their notebooks.


1. Give students an idiom, such as “raining cats and dogs” and give them 3 minutes draw a representative picture.
2. When time is up, have students share their pictures and elicit guesses about what the idiom may mean before telling students the actual meaning.
3. Finish the activity by giving students several example sentences or scenarios using the idiom for them to write in their notebooks.

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