English Grammar Activity: Is that Sentence Correct?

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Are you looking for a quick warm-up activity to use at the beginning of class? Or perhaps a review at the end? Then you’re certainly in the right place. Keep on reading to learn more about this grammar/vocabulary ESL activity.

Is that Sentence Correct?

Skills: Listening/ Speaking/ Writing
Time: 10 minutes
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Materials: Blank paper, vocabulary words

Is that Sentence Correct is an English grammar activity. It’s a sneaky way to get your student to make grammatically correct sentences using the target vocabulary. Don’t you love that? I know that I sure dol.

Start off by giving your student a few different vocabulary words. It should be something the student is quite familiar with already. The challenge in this activity is not the actual word; it’s using it in a sentence.

Give the student a few minutes to make one sentence using each word. Do not offer any assistance or correct any errors. The teacher should also make some sentences using the same words, some of which are correct and some of which are not.

The student reads their first sentence and discusses with the teacher if it is correct or not. The teacher reads their first sentence and the student must decide if it’s correct or not and why. Continue until all the sentences are finished.

Useful When Teaching Big Classes?

This activity works really well with a student in private teaching sessions. However, you can also use it with big classes. Put student into groups of 3-4 and have them make sentences together. Then, check the sentence together as a class.

Remember that the goal is to make your classes at student-centred as possible. This means that students are doing the hard work, not you! While you can do this all together with 10 or more students, only a few are engaged and the rest are just relaxing. Avoid this by putting students into pairs or small groups.

Procedure for Is that Sentence Correct:

1. Give the student a few different vocabulary words.
2. The student writes one sentence per vocabulary word (five words = five sentences). The teacher also writes sentences using the same words, some of which are incorrect.
3. The student reads his/her first sentence and discusses with the teacher if it’s correct.
4. The teacher reads his/her first sentence and the student decides if it’s correct.
5. In incorrect, the student should explain why.

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Need More Ideas?

This activity is an example of student-centred language teaching. It’s where the students should be doing the hard work, not you! To learn more about this style of teaching, check out this short video below:

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  1. FraudCatcher

    5. In incorrect, the student should explain why.

    Well, this is an easy one. “In” has been substituted for “If”.

    This is a too simple activity. I mean, we ask every day whether or not a sentence is correct. To make this an activity you would have to make the kids race to the board and write or add a gambling element.

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