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ESL Activity for Kids: Mystery Box

Skills: Speaking
Time: 5-10 minutes
Age: All
Materials: Several small objects, a box

This is one my students’ favourite ESL activities for kids. I like to use this activity just after studying adjectives. I’ll make sure we have learned words that describe texture as well as the usual size and shape words. This is a fun activity, but it is best with small classes due to the time it takes for each student to have a turn.

Before class, you will need to prepare a large shoe box or similar, by cutting a hole slightly larger than fist-sized and covering the hole. You can use garland or tissue paper, but a handkerchief is fastest and easiest. Whatever you use, the students should not be able to see inside the box, but they should be able to stick their hand inside.

One by one, have students take turns feeling inside the box. As they feel, ask them questions about the size, shape, texture, etc. Once everyone has had a turn, review the answers students gave while feeling and elicit guesses as to what is in the box. As students guess items correctly, pull them from the box. If no one can guess some items, end by showing them to the class.

Due to the time involved with each child feeling inside the box, this activity is best suited to small classes. You can use anything (not sharp), but children’s toys are good for this, as well as letter magnets.

Procedure for Mystery Box:

1. In advance, prepare a large shoe box or copy paper box by cutting a hand-sized hole and then covering it with a handkerchief, so students can reach in but can’t see inside.

2. Place several small (not sharp!) objects inside. The class should know the names of the objects.

3. Have students take turns reaching in the box and feeling the objects.

4. As students feel the objects, ask them questions about the size, shape, and texture of the items.

5. When everyone has had a turn, elicit guesses from the students about what they think the objects are.

6. As students correctly identify items, remove them from the box. If the class cannot guess some items, end the activity by showing the remaining items to the class.

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