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Filling out an Application Form for ESL Writing Practice

During a teacher training course, my tutor mentioned that “writing” is not only writing essays. He said that we can get our students to practice writing just about anything and it would be useful. That comment changed my outlook on teaching writing, especially to beginners.

If you’re a lower-level student, don’t worry about writing 5-paragraph academic essays. This will be too difficult for you and you will likely feel extremely overwhelmed. Even native English speakers might find this task difficult.

Instead, focus on things that you CAN do. There is a lot of ways for you to practice English writing that are short, simple, and very specific. Application forms are one of those things.

Simple Writing Practice for Beginners

One simple thing that beginners can do is fill out an application form for a job. To find an application form, Google “sample job application form USA.”  Filling out an application form is a very practical activity. You will have to fill one out if you want to get a job, visa, or when traveling.

Time to Practice English Writing

Here’s one example of an application form you can use to practice ESL writing:

Print it off and fill it out. Look up anything you don’t know in your dictionary. Ask your teacher if they’d be willing to quickly look at it once you’re done and let you know if you made any big mistakes.

When you’re done that, fill out a different form. For example, a customs form for traveling, or a visa application form. Think about your daily life in your home country and the kind of forms you have to fill out. Then, find one of those forms in English and practice!

Need more ESL Writing Tips?

If you need more ESL writing tips and ways to practice, you’ll need to check out 71 Ways to Practice English Writing: Tips for ESL/EFL Learner. This English writing tip is from the book, and there are 70 more just like it! The tips range from making the most of your study time, to having fun with English writing, to where you can find the best free online resources for ESL writing.

Better English writing is in your future! There are tips for beginners, intermediates and advanced level students. Anyone can improve their ESL writing by using these simple ways to practice English writing. Time to get practicing! Are you ready?

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