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ESL Activities and Games in Abundance!

If you’re looking for ESL activities, you’ve come to the right place! There are a ton of ESL activities and ESL games for just about any skill, level or age group of students. However, if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for on this site, there are a few other ones that can check out. In this post I’ll share my top 9 sites where I go to find ESL activities.

ESL Writing

ESL Writing–┬áIn a former life, I spent a ton of time teaching academic writing to university students in South Korea and my go-to site for lesson planning was ESL Writing. The guy behind this site, Rob Whyte is a Lonely Planet Korea author. Pretty cool!

As a kind of aside, if you’re looking for the ultimate supplementary activity book for teaching writing, Rob has written it. LOVE IT! Teach Essential Writing Skills.

ESL Speaking

ESL Speaking– If you have classes that are focused on speaking or conversation, this is the website for you. And it’s in fact another one of mine ­čÖé Although I might be biased, I think it’s pretty easy to navigate. Just go the top menu bar and you’ll find kids or adults and then games or activities. Easy stuff and your lessons should be planned in minutes.


The Internet TESL Journal (ITESLJ)- The look of this site is a bit old school, but the content is rock-solid. There are a ton of great games, activities and lesson plans you can use in your classes. And it’s also quite well organized so you can hopefully find the ESL activities you’re looking for.

English Club

English Club– Think of English Club as kind of a curated version of the far more chaotic Dave’s ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook.┬áThere aren’t that many games, activities and ESL lesson plans but what is there is great. If you’re looking for a quick hit of ESL activity awesome, check this one out.

ESL News Articles

ESL News Articles– If you’re looking for some news articles that are suitable for ESL students, then you’ll need to check out this post I did over on another blog. I list my top 5 sources for current events articles that have easier vocabulary and grammar than the original article. Graded reading awesome coming your way!

The Monster Pack

The Monster Pack– The Monster Pack is full of English teaching goodness, including trivia, worksheets, puzzles, etc. Although I rarely use materials other than my own when teaching, I did use the Monster Pack every single day for years. The trivia make an amazing warm-up and sure, you could find your own by searching around on the Internet but for 10 bucks? It’ll pay for itself in timed saved in the first month alone.

ESL Games

ESL Games– Don’t be put off by appearances! Although this site does look a bit old-school, the content is most definitely solid. It’s also organized in an extremely easy to navigate way so you should be able to find what you’re looking for pretty quickly.

Fluency MC

Fluency MC– Jason, who is behind Fluency MC is a super rad guy and I like to promote his stuff whenever I can. Use his stuff in your classes and your students are guaranteed to have a bit more fun┬áand learn some English too.┬áTrust me on this one. They’ll love his stuff!


FluentU– I sadly only discovered this site recently. The sad part is that there is a ton of great stuff on it and why didn’t I know about it sooner? Check it out and you’re sure to find something inspiring/helpful/awesome, including some great ESL activities that you can use in class today.




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