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Teaching Writing Skills Just Got Easier


A Little Bit of the Dead on the Inside Feeling

I worked for a decade in South Korea universities and much of that time was spent teaching writing skills. I taught everything from how to construct a basic sentence to the five paragraph academic essay and of course, everything in between. I usually was given a textbook to teach from by the university administration but sometimes I was on my own. Or, sometimes the textbook was a total and complete piece of trash that left me with a kind of dead feeling on the inside upon flipping through it. I knew instinctively that my students would hate it. So, in both of these situations, I had to figure out an alternative plan.

All Was Not Lost

More often than not, I turned to Rob Whyte’s site, ESL Writing. If you’re teaching writing skills to teenagers or adults, Rob is the man you can count on to pull through with the goods. I mean seriously, most of the other stuff out there in the teaching writing to ESL students is total and complete trash. Who even cares about the five-paragraph academic essay for ESL student’s these days? But, ESL Writing is solid. Super solid.



So, I was extremely happy to see that Rob Whyte (FINALLY!) put out a book pulling together all the awesome stuff on his site into one single, easy to use resource. You can check it out here:

Teach Essential Writing Skills

What the Book is All About:

His materials focus on the following four things, geared towards intermediate learners:

  • Fluency
  • Proficiency
  • Style
  • Inquiry-based reasoning

Basically, it gets away from the standard 5-paragraph essay which is pretty boring to teach and extremely boring to learn. Rob focuses on teaching actual writing skills that students can use in a variety of contexts. His materials also focus on fluency, which is an oft-overlooked skill in the ESL writing arena. It was a big frustration of mine with the ESL writing textbooks I used over the years.

Let’s Sum This Up:

Anyway, I could blather on endlessly about how much I love Rob’s stuff. I’ve been using his trivia and riddles in my classes every single day for a couple of years. This writing book is equally solid and Rob stands behind his stuff with a 7-day money-back guarantee. You don’t like it, you get your money back. Get your copy of Teach Essential Writing Skills today:

Buy the Awesome Now!

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