The Monster Pack: My Favourite ESL Resource Book


Hobbies, Sports, Family: You are Dead to Me!

I quite rarely use other people’s material in my own classes, and I actually prefer to not really use textbooks. I like to design my own games and activities because I find that the students are more engaged and interested in learning English when I’m not using the same old, tired topics that have been overdone way too many times. You know, hobbies, movies, family, sports, etc. Those topics are basically dead to me after teaching in Korea for ten years and I think our students often feel the same way.

The One Thing I Use Every Single Day

That said, there is one resource that someone else created that I use every single day in my own classes and that’s The Monster Pack. This amazing book is an ESL resource book which belongs in every single ESL teacher’s personal library.

Trivia = Awesome Warm-Up

I use the trivia as a warm-up for all my classes and the students love it. I tried searching around for trivia questions on the Internet but the language is too difficult in many of them, and it’s often too UK or America-centric so it doesn’t work well for my students in Korea. However, the trivia in the Monster Pack is stellar, at just the right level for university students in Korea. It would work well for middle or high school students too.

Logic Puzzles = Fabulous Time-Filler

I also make use of the logic puzzles and activity sheets when I have a bit of down-time after exams or something like that. They get the students talking and thinking and they usually really enjoy them. Do filling time, the more awesome way!

Here’s what this ESL Resource Book Includes:

  1. 36 activities for different objectives, like skills-based writing, vocabulary games, pair work discussions, and more. (89 pages)
  2. 160 logic puzzles and word games that get your students thinking, speaking and problem solving. (54 pages)
  3. 480 trivia questions for high beginners and up. Written for ESL students around the world, these questions work great in a fluency building trivia game. (96 pages)

Where you can get the Monster Pack

You can buy the Monster Pack for $12.99 by clicking this link. You may think it’s a bit expensive, but trust me, it’ll save you a ton of time when you’re planning your lessons. And, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee so give it a try and see what you think. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

Get the Monster Pack Today!

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