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Top 10 Blog Posts on ESL Activities

The new year is here, but that doesn’t mean that we’re looking forward. Instead, it’s a little bit of a trip down nostalgia lane with our top 10 blog posts of all-time. Check our what other readers have found the most helpful-you’re sure to get plenty of ESL activity goodness to fuel your classes for this upcoming year. Ready for some awesome? You’ve come to the right place!

Without further ado, here are our top 10 blog posts from ESL activities.

#1: Top 10 ESL Activities for Big Classes


By big ESL classes, I mean those with more than 20 students. This can be particularly challenging, especially if you don’t have a co-teacher. But not to worry! It’s not impossible to teach this many students, you just need to have the right ESL activities.

The general theory is to put students into smaller groups to get them to work together, instead of with you. Imagine a class of 40 students that is 60 minutes long. If you engage in a 1-1 conversation with every single student, that is only around 1 minute of actual talking time. Now think about putting students into groups of 4-that talking time increases to 10-15 minutes. Love it!

Check out this post with our top 10 picks for those big groups:

Top 10 ESL Activities for Big Classes

#2: Dictogloss ESL Speaking and Listening Activity

Dictogloss is one of my favourite ESL activities for a ton of reasons! The main one being that it hits all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in a single activity. Plus it’s fun and gets students up and out of their seats! Sleepy students? Pull out this one and it’ll help get the juices flowing in your classroom, setting up the rest of your class for success.

Check out this popular ESL activity here:

Dictogloss ESL Speaking and Listening Activity

#3: Concentration ESL Vocabulary Game

Concentration memory game

Concentration is a fun way for students to practice vocabulary. The thing I like best about this ESL game is that it can be adapted to any level or age of students. Once you set it up, it’s easy to keep using again, and again, year after year. Saving time when lesson planning? Love it! We’re sure that you will too.

More details here:

Concentration: ESL Vocabulary Game

#4: Idiom Activity for ESL Students

Idioms are fun to teach! You can laugh, draw, and just be silly. Here is a fun ESL activity to get your students practicing using idioms in a fun way. Mostly for kids, but adults won’t hate it!

Check it out here:

Idiom Activity for ESL Students

#5: ESL Reading Lesson Plan Template

ESL reading lesson plan

A good lesson planning template can save you a TON of time down the road. I came up with this ESL lesson plan template after taking the CELTA course. I loosely follow their recommended style with a few of my own modifications. The result is a lesson plan that you can use for a class size of 1-100. Or, a level of high-beginner to fluent.

The only groups it doesn’t really work for are total beginners who are just learning to read, or for very young children who might have a hard time conversing in English with a partner.

Check it out here:

ESL Reading Lesson Plan Template

#6: English Grammar Activity- Is that Sentence Correct?

Is that Sentence Correct? is one of my favourite ESL grammar activities. It’s a great way to review material from a previous lesson. I’ve also used it as a bit of a time-filler at the end of a class to review what we learned that day. Whatever the case, it’s easy to set up, adaptable to any level and the students like it!

You can learn how to use this ESL grammar activity in your classes here:

Is that Sentence Correct?

#7: Top 5 ESL Memory Games

Memory games are a great way to help our students remember new vocabulary. They are fun, challenging, and interesting. I love it when my students get so into the memory game that they forget they’re actually learning English at the same time!

Check out these ESL memory games that can be used for either kids or adults here:

Top 5 ESL Memory Games

#8: Ball Toss 4-Skills ESL Activity


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Ball Toss is a fun activity that works best with kids. The thing I love most about it is that it covers all four skills-reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Love that in an ESL activity! I’m sure you do too. You can use this for just about any topic, but I find that’s a great icebreaker activity. Try it out on the first day of class with your kids and see what you think.

Check out this 4-skills ESL Activity here:

Ball Toss

#9: Giving Instructions- Tips for Teachers

Beginner teachers often are very weak at giving instructions to their students. Almost without fail, the instructions are too complicated and are met with looks of confusion. You have to give simple, clear, concise instructions so that your students are not confused. This will result in an orderly, smooth running classroom that you as well as your students will enjoy. Even higher level students need clear instructions.

Check out this post for a few simple tips on making your instructions better. Even if you’re already a master, we’re sure you’ll pick up a tip or two to make yours better.

Giving Instructions: Tips for ESL Teachers

#10: Top 10 ESL Activities for Teenagers

Teenagers are one of my favourite groups of learners to teach. They often speak English quite well, and have a lot of energy. However, I didn’t always like them and I sometimes used to feel quite intimidated by them! The key for me was to figure out what kinds of ESL games and activities they liked. Once your teenage students realize that you’ll dedicated to making their class fun, engaging and interesting, they’ll probably be some of the best students you’ve ever had!

By using some of these ESL activities for teenagers, you’ll be well on your way to some ESL teaching awesome. Check out these activities and games here:

Top 10 ESL Activities for Teenagers

One More! Just a Minute

Here’s a very popular video on YouTube that you might want to check out. Just a Minute is an excellent way to help your students improve their speaking fluency.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 blog posts of all time. Lots of ESL teaching goodness to be found here! Here’s to a successful 2017 teaching year. Happy teacher, happy students. That is our goal!

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