Top 5 ESL Activities for Adults

ESL Activities for Adults

If you’re looking for some fresh, new ideas for your ESL lessons, try out these top five ESL activities for adults. Most of them will work well for teenagers too! If you’re looking for some activity ideas for kids, check out these posts: Top 5 ESL Activities for Children + Top 5 ESL Games for Children.

Activity #1: Just a Minute

Just a minute is a challenging warm-up activity for ESL students where they have to talk for a minute about a topic that is randomly assigned to them. Their group can listen and ask follow-up questions before having a turn themselves.

Activity #2: Role-Plays for ESL Students

Role-plays are an excellent way to help your beginner students get some confidence in speaking English and also feel capable of going out into the “real-world” and using what they know. Check out the link above for more details about how to set-up role-plays in your own ESL or EFL classes.

Activity #3: Dictogloss

This is a challenging ESL activity for adults that helps your students with all 4-skills, making it the holy-grail of ESL activities! Students have to recreate a story that you tell them, either by speaking or writing. This one works well for beginner to advanced level students by adjusting the difficultly and length of the story and/or the number of times you say it.

Activity #4: Draw an Idiom

Draw an Idiom is a fun warm-up activity for children, teenagers or adults that helps make idioms more memorable and easier to recall later. I promise that you’ll have a really fun time doing this one and will love the results!

Activity #5: Who do you Want at Your Party?

Who do you want at your party is an excellent activity to go along with the unit about famous people that seems to be in every single textbook! Students’ answers are very revealing. This activity is only for intermediate to advanced level students.

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