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So you teach English to university students abroad and want some fresh, new ESL activities for your classes? It can be quite difficult to teach uni students, especially in a place like South Korea because they’re often shy, unmotivated and just want to pass your mandatory English class so they don’t have to take it again.

You can make it as painless as possible by using some of these ESL activities for university students that are guaranteed to get your students learning English and having some fun at the same time.

Sounds great, right? It is. Keep on reading!

#1: Running Dictation

This is one of my favourite ESL activities because it use all 4 skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing). It also gets students up and out of their seats moving around the class and can energize even the most apathetic.

More details about Running Dictation.

#2: Small Talk ESL Speaking Activity

Small talk is an extremely important, but often overlooked skill and many teachers just breeze by that unit in the book. This ESL activity is an excellent way to practice small talk in a fun, interesting and little bit competitive way.

More details about the Small Talk Activity.

#3: Role-Plays for ESL Students

Roles-plays are an excellent way to help lower-level students get some confidence with their speaking. You can make it as structured as you want it to be so that even extremely low-level students can do it, assuming they can read.

More details about Role-Plays.

#4: Surveys for ESL Students

I love surveys and I use them at least once a month in my classes. I love that students can talk to a variety of people as well as focus on giving some detail in their answers and work on asking follow-up questions.

Here are 6 Surveys for ESL Students that I’ve used with my own university students in South Korea.

#5: Board Games for ESL Students

University students love to play ESL board games! More details about board games to learn English including a short video and an example game that I made to practice using the simple past.

More ESL Activities for Adults

Do you love these ESL activities for uni students? Then you’re going to love this book: 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: For Teenagers and Adults

It’s lesson planning made easy, guaranteed. Add some variety to your classes and make sure your students have fun while learning English at the same time.

ESL Activities for University Students: Have your Say! 

What is your favourite ESL activity or game that you use for university students? Leave a comment below and share your wisdom with us! Thank you.

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