Top 5 ESL Games for Adults

ESL Games for Adults

Top 5 ESL Games for Adults

If you’re looking for some ESL games for adults, you’ve come to the right place! I have my top five ESL games for adults that are guaranteed to have your students learning English while having some fun and friendly competition at the same time. It’s lesson planning made easy!

Apples to Apples: This is a fun vocabulary games for ESL students that is guaranteed to have your students laughing, learning a bit of English and having a ton of fun in the process. You can buy Apples to Apples on Amazon for $13, make your own cards, or get the students to help you out. The best thing about this ESL game is that if you make your own cards, you can tailor the vocabulary to review whatever you’ve been studying.

Running DictationRunning dictation is one of those “holy-grail” ESL activities that covers all 4-skills in a single go: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It’s quite rare to find something that does this in such a fun way. Running dictation is the perfect way to energize a quiet class and even low-level students will like it. The only requirement is that students are able to read at a basic level.

Board GamesI love to play board games in my real-life outside of the classroom, so like to introduce my students to them as well. In Korea, board games aren’t that common and some of my students have only played them for the first time in my class! I usually design my own based upon whatever I’ve been teaching.

p.s. If you’re looking for a “real” board game to play with your students, I like to use King of Tokyo. It’s for 2-6 players, plays in 30-45 minutes, uses reasonably simple English and you can explain how to play in 5 minutes. 95% of my students are able to “get it” on the first try.

Dictogloss: This is a really challenging activity that can be made into a game by seeing which team can recreate your story to most closely match the original. In this case, it’d be best to have teams write their answers, after listening instead of doing it with speaking to reduce the copying factor. You can adjust this game to make it as easy, or as difficult as you want.

20 Questions: This is an excellent warm-up game for your adult ESL classes, or you can use it as a “filler” if you have a few minutes left over at the end of a class. For more advanced students, they can choose any noun, but for beginners, you might want to limit it to a category such as “food” or “animal.” In this case, reduce the number of questions to 10 or the game will be too easy.

Like these ESL Games for Adults?

Then you’ll love this book: 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities for Teenagers and Adults. There are plenty more ESL games for adults. It’s lesson planning made easy, guaranteed so you can more time to do what you really love.



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