Top 5 ESL Games for Kids

ESL games for kids

If you’re looking for some fun ESL games for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top games for kids who are learning English. They’re guaranteed to get your students excited about learning English in your class and you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Apples to Apples Vocabulary Game: You’ve maybe heard of that game, Apples to Apples where you have to match words together and justify why they match? You can also play it with your ESL students, either by making the deck yourself, or if you have lots of time, get the students to help you out with it. Although it’s a lot of work to make the cards, you can keep using them again and again throughout the semester with all your classes.

Password: This ESL games practices a very important skill-describing something that you don’t know the word for. When you’re speaking another language, you have to do this all the time but it’s also not that easy to help our students practice this. This game can be quite challenging so your students will likely enjoy it.

Concentration: This is a memory game for ESL students which tests their vocabulary skills. You can do it a couple different ways, with the word and picture, or for more advanced levels, the word and the definition. For higher ages and levels, pump up the difficulty by adding more cards into the deck while for young kids, it’d be quite simple with only a few matches.

Disappearing Text: If you’re looking for a quick filler to use at the end of class, or you want to do a quick warm-up, consider using disappearing text. It’s excellent for young children as long as they are able to read simple sentences. You can play individually or in groups too.

ESL Speaking Bingo: All students love Bingo, right? Except that played the traditional way, it has little educational value as students are just passively listening for a word. You can level-up Bingo by making it into a speaking activity as well. Check out this post to see how to do that.

Try out these ESL games for kids. I’m sure your students will really enjoy them. Please comment below and tell me your favorite ESL Game for kids.

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