ESL Classroom Management Tips and Tricks

No Classroom Management Skills? I’ve Been There

ESL Classroom Management

Maybe you’re kind of like me. I remember back to my first couple of years teaching kids in a hagwon (private institute) in South Korea when I had no idea what I was doing. The kids totally took advantage of this situation and I had very little control over my classroom. Of course, this situation was really stressful for me and not much in the way of learning was happening. Over the years, I’ve figured things out, but I hope that I can help you level-up your teaching game and avoid the year or two of chaos in the ESL Classroom.

A Few Tips about Classroom Management

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ESL Classroom Management Tips and Tricks

Over on Amazon, you can get ESL Classroom Management Tips and Tricks: For Teachers of Students Ages 6-12. In the book, you’ll:

  1. Learn how to get the entire class involved.
  2. Discover how to plan a lesson and organize your class.
  3. Learn motivation and discipline strategies that work.
  4. Get some tips for forging a strong, productive relationship with your co-teacher.
  5. Prepare yourself with go-to activities for those “surprise” classes.
  6. And so much more!

The book is available in both print and digital formats. The (cheaper!) digital format can be read on any smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC by downloading the free Kindle app. If you teach English to elementary school kids, read the book, and don’t pick up at least three things you can use in your class tomorrow, get in touch with me and I’ve refund your money. It truly is the book I wish I had when I first started teaching. And it certainly would have helped make me a better teacher much faster than just trying to pick stuff up on my own.

Get the book today, and have a less stressful class tomorrow. 

—>ESL Classroom Management Tips and Tricks: For Teachers of Students Ages 6-12 on Amazon<—

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