Idiom Activity for ESL Students

Idiom ESL activity

Age: 10+

Materials Required: Picture/PowerPoint

This idiom activity for ESL students is an excellent warm-up activity to get your classes started off in style. Show students a picture with a literal representation of a common idiom. Give them several minutes to discuss the possible meaning of the idiom in pairs or small groups. Finish by giving them the actual meaning and several example sentences to write in their notebooks.


1. In advance, prepare a PowerPoint image or picture large enough for the class to easily see.

2. Divide students into pairs or small groups and give them 3 minutes to discuss the meaning of the picture.

3. Elicit guesses about what the idiom may mean before telling students the actual meaning.

4. Finish the activity by giving students several example sentences or scenarios using the idiom for them to write in their notebooks.

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