Problem-Advice Board Game

Problem advice board game

This problem-advice board game is a fun way for students to practice this important skill. This board game is designed for my university students in South Korea, but you can make your own board in just a few minutes for any age level or topic. Check out mine for an example and then get creative making your own-it really is a whole lot easier than you might think to make board games for ESL students.


  1. Each student gets a token (eraser, key, etc.).
  2. Rocks-Scissor-Paper. The first students rolls a dice (or uses 2 coins in various combinations. 2 heads=2, 1 tail, 1 head = 4, 2 tails =6) and moves the appropriate number of squares.
  3. The student answers the question by giving some advice. If good advice, they stay there. If bad advice (judged by their group-mates), they move back the number of spaces they rolled. The teachers acts as referee if required.
  4. The winner is the one that finished the game first.

You can see the game by clicking this link: problem-advice board game (you’ll be taken to Google Drive).

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