Top 5 ESL Memory Games

Top 5 ESL memory games

If you’re looking for some ways to help your students improve not only their language skills, but their concentration skills as well, then you’ll need to use some of these ESL memory games. They’re challenging but fun and make an excellent way for your students to improve their English vocabulary.

Concentration ESL Vocab Game: This memory game makes an excellent test of memory skills as you place cards with words and definitions or pictures face down on the desk in an organized fashion. The students try to find a match and if they’re incorrect, they place the cards down in the same spot so the next student can use that information to make a better guess.

Disappearing Text:¬†This is another vocabulary game that also helps your students with correct word order in sentences. You write something on the board, and then it gradually disappears and gets progressively more challenging. It’s excellent for kids but could be played with beginner-level adults as well who are struggling with basic sentences.

Dictogloss: This is an excellent ESL memory activity for higher-level students that has them recreate a story either by writing or speaking. It challenges them to get the gist, or big picture instead of focusing on every single small detail.

Memory Circle: This makes a fun first day of class icebreaker if you have a small number of students, or you can use it as a thematic vocabulary review. It’s actually an extremely flexible activity that can fit into just about any lesson. But, not for bigger classes as it’s gets boring and too difficult.

Running Dictation:¬†If you want to energize your class, this is the activity you need! Seriously, look no further. It’s a 4-skills activity that is simply one of the best things you can do in your class. Try it out and see. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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