ESL Warm-Ups For Teenagers and Adults


Get your English Classes Started the Awesome Way with ESL Warm-Ups

I’m sure you want to begin your English lessons less awkwardly. I always hate saying, “Hello everyone” and being met with dead silence. Or, asking, “How are you today?” and getting a few awkward fine’s or hello’s. There is a better way, trust me. I only wish that I’d figured it out far sooner during my ten year teaching career than I did. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I soldiered on with the awkward for at least a couple of years until I figured out that using some ESL warm-ups is a much better plan of action. The reason I love using ESL warm-ups so much is as follows.

Ease your Student into Using English

Many of your students will not have spoken English, or even given it a single thought since your last class. Begin the lesson with a warm-up activity that eases students back into English, orients them to the upcoming lesson and focuses their attention on the work ahead. Effective ESL warm-ups are a valuable teaching tool, but finding good ones takes time, a scarce resource for most teachers. That’s what makes this ESL Warm-Up book so valuable. It helps you get the class back into the English mindset while reducing prep time, so you can focus on other important teaching tasks.

Save Time: No Junk!

We wrote the book for teachers who were tired of wading through all the junk on the Internet to find the one or two things that they could actually use in their own classes. It’s the resource we wish we’d had many, many years ago! 39 ESL Warm-Ups: For Teenagers and Adults has only the goods, minus all the fluff and junk that just doesn’t work.

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