Top 5 ESL Activities for Kids

ESL activities for kids

If you teach English to children, try out these 5 ESL activities for kids that are guaranteed to make your classes awesome and your lesson planning as painless as possible. Seriously. You’re not going to regret using some of these prime ESL activities for kids.

Password: This is a fun game that helps students practice the important skills of using alternative words to describe something they don’t know the exact vocabulary word for. It’s something we need to do all the time when speaking a language that’s not our own and we often find ourselves doing it in our first language as well.

Role-Plays: This is one of the best things you can do with low-level students because it gives them confidence that they’re able to handle different kinds of real-life situations. ¬†You can adjust the size of the blanks depending on the level of your students.

Running Dictation: If you want to get some energy into your classes, try out this ESL activity for kids. It’s really, really fun and also practices all 4 skills at the same time which actually makes it the holy-grail of ESL activities!

Taboo: This is a fun party-game that makes an excellent way to review vocabulary with your children.

Rocks-Scissor-Paper: What kid doesn’t love rocks-scissors-paper? You can adapt it and turn it into a fun ESL activity for kids that will have your students coming back for more!

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