ESL Vocabulary Activities for Adults

ESL Vocabulary Activities for Adults

ESL Vocabulary Activities for Adults

If you want to make vocabulary memorable and fun for your students, be sure to try out these top 5 ESL vocabulary activities for adults. They’re guaranteed to take teaching vocab from the normally tedious to fun, engaging and awesome.

Concentration Memory Game: This is a classic ESL vocabulary activity that works well if you want your students to focus solely on words and definitions. This is the first step before you get into activities that focus more on using the words in a real-life conversation or in writing of some kind.

Apples to Apples ESL Vocabulary Game: This is one of the best games for having some fun with vocabulary. You can make your own set of cards focusing on whatever you’re teaching that week, or you can buy the ready-made game from Amazon. Perfect for busy teachers! It really does make an excellent activity for a game-day in your ESL classes.

Word Association: One of my favorite ways to introduce a new unit in the textbook is to use this word association activity. It makes a great warm-up because it’s an excellent way to activate the student’s prior knowledge.

Dictogloss: In terms of ESL vocabulary activities for adults, you’re not going to get better than dictogloss. It has an element of cooperation, an element of competition and provides a serious challenge for your students. It’s so great because it encourages students to use alternative words if the one that you said isn’t accessible to them for some reason. This is what students need to do in real life so give them some practice doing it in class.

Flip-Chart Vocabulary Review GameIf you want to have a bit of fun while reviewing some new vocabulary words, look no further than this flip-chart game. It works well for any age group or level so try it out in your class today and make learning English vocabulary awesome!

Need More ESL Vocabulary Activities for Adults?

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